Dr. Christian Rodriguez Lopez

Today obesity has a cure, and in curing obesity, diseases are prevented at all levels.

How to identify if I am obese

Some clues that will help you identify the line between being overweight and obese.

Am I a candidate for surgery

Find the requirements you must meet to be a candidate for bariatric surgery.

Meet our #1 medical team

Meet the professionals who make up the Dr. Rodriguez Lopez team.

All-inclusive travel packages

If you live in the U.S. or Canada like 95% of patients, you just have to get to San Diego.

Dr. Christian Rodriguez Lopez Surgical Team

Meet your Bariatric team in Mexico

On the day of your surgery we will take care of everything, you will only rest and recover. After your surgery, we will give you the necessary instructions for continued care at home and we will be available anytime to assist you, help you in the process, or answer any questions.

Dr. Christian Rodriguez Lopez - Bariatric Surgeon in Mexico

Dr. Christian Rodriguez Lopez

Head surgeon Dr. Christian Rodriguez is one of the most advanced bariatric surgeon in Mexico. His skills range from gastric sleeve to duodenal switch and even hard-to-do revision or reversal procedures.
Dr. Salvador Flores Castro

Dr. Salvador Flores Castro

Surgeon General, a specialist in obesity. Dr. Salvador Flores Castro’s specialty includes the Hepato-Bilio-Pancreas surgeries, Endocrine surgery, abdominal surgery, bariatric surgery.
Dr. Viridiana de la Herran Rivas

Dr. Viridiana de la Herrán Rivas

Dr. Viridiana Rivas is one of the leading anesthesiologist in Tijuana with a specialization in laparoscopic bariatric surgery patients. She is a top team member of Dr. Rodriguez Lopez.

Dr. Rene Armenta Valenzuela

Dr. Rene Armenta Valenzuela

Dr. Rene Armenta is a top board certified surgeon assistant of Dr. Rodriguez. He is certified to operate at Certified Hospitals with CSG Accreditation and has a high degree of medical achievement.

Dr. Christian Rodriguez Lopez with Surgical Team

Weight Loss Procedures in Tijuana, Mexico

With the gastric sleeve procedure 80% of the stomach is removed through small incisions made laparoscopically. The small remaining portion of the stomach (sleeve) enables the patient to eat smaller portions whilst maintaining a feeling of fullness.

With the gastric bypass procedure a small stomach pouch is created and attached to the middle of the small intestine. This changes the amount of food that the body can digest. It also alters the signals that travel between the digestive system and brain.

The duodenal switch surgery is an extremely specialized which Dr. Rodriguez Lopez has performed hundreds of successful procedures of. Dr. Rodriguez can also revise a gastric sleeve easily to various weight loss surgeries including a Duodenal Switch surgery. This effective weight loss surgery is a great option for people who have significant weight to lose, being both restrictive and malabsorptive.


Single-Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS), is the newest technological advancement in bariatric surgery. Single incision surgery allows bariatric surgeons to perform the same procedures, including gastric band and gastric sleeve, using only one incision.

The intragastric balloon is a non-surgical option for weight loss. A balloon is inserted endoscopically into the stomach and left for a period of 6 months to 1 year before removal.

The Mini Sleeve is performed using 3-5 incisions laparoscopically. Instead of the usual 80% of stomach size reduced, the mini sleeve offers a less invasive surgery with removing just 40-50%.

The BariClip is a less invasive weight loss procedure that clamps a large titanium clip around a portion of the stomach to create a sense of restriction and fullness. Patients experience less hunger and more satisfaction from eating less food although this is still a new, experimental surgery.

Medical Tourism

Our specialized staff, both in the United States and Tijuana, Mexico, work together throughout the entire surgery process. Hotel and hospital stay are both included in our surgery packages. Our drivers in Tijuana will provide transportation to and from the San Diego airport as well as between the hospital and hotel. From assessment to recovery, you are in good hands with our medical team.

Dr. Christian Rodriguez with Surgical Team After Gastric Sleeve Stomach Removed

Who is a Candidate?

Patients may not be right for single incision weight loss surgery, because the surgery requires a clear viewing of the patient’s internal abdomen. Lighter patients are more likely to be a candidate for the surgery. Patients are urged to contact our care specialists to learn about their candidacy at 855-768-7247.

Dr. Christian Rodriguez Accreditations

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